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Search Tips
The WedSeek Directory offers two methods of searching. Entering words in the search boxes enables you to control a search and find listings that match your own criteria. Category searching enables you to select regions of the UK to find wedding services that are based in or supply to your area.
WedSeek Tools

Keyword Searching

  • For a keyword search, enter as many words as you like in the available search boxes. Small words such as 'a', 'or', 'the', 'in', etc. are ignored by the engine. The most relevant sites (i.e. those that match your words the best) will appear at the top of the list of results.
  • A search that uses a '+' sign or the word 'and' will ignore listings that do not contain all of your search words. A search for ceilidh+band, for instance, will only find listings that contain both 'ceilidh' and 'band'.
  • Searches are not case-sensitive so you may use a mixture of CAPITALS and non-capitals without affecting the results. A search for 'dj in london' will produce the same results as 'DJ in London'.
  • The use of commas, full-stops and other punctuation will not affect the results of a search, with the exception of the '+' sign (see above).
  • If a search produces too many results, you might consider adding the name of a city or county to your search.
  • The titles and the addresses of sites are indexed, so you can search for a particular web site or business name. To check your own listing, type the full URL of the page that was submitted, e.g.

Category Searching

  • A category search produces results that contain listings for the businesses and services that are either based in or supply to your chosen region. If you do not specify a region, the search will find all the listings that are available within that category, irrespective of their location.
  • There are three 'levels' of category, for example:
          Music > Ensembles > Duos
    The lowest level categories (such as 'duos' in the above example) focus a search and help to locate web sites that offer specific services. There are links available that enable you to return to the higher level categories at any time.
  • For a full list of the categories that are available in the WedSeek Directory, please visit the category index.

Search Results

  • Each results page contains a maximum of ten listings. To move between the results pages, either use the
    previous page or next page links, or select one of the page numbers located towards the foot of each page. If a search produces 78 listings there will be 8 results pages. Listings 51-60 will be displayed on page 6.
  • Keep an eye on the percentage score for each site. This will tell you how many words have matched a keyword search, and will provide an indication of how relevant the site is.
  • There are two ways that you can link through to the web sites listed on each results page. If you select the title of a web site, the web site you have chosen to visit will load within the same browser window. If you select the window icon , the site you will open in a new browser window.
  • The My Last Search button provides speedy access back to your most recent page of search results. This feature saves you from having to perform a repeat of an identical search and is available for up to three days. The next web site that you wish to visit is therefore never far away:
    My Last Search
My Last Search
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